Hiring of Service Provider/Consultant as Occupational Health Physician

Re: AOE 2016

To all Prospective bidders:

This Supplemental / Bid Bulletin is issued to clarify, modify or amend items in the Bid Documents. This shall form part of the Bid documents:

The schedule for Pre-Bidding Conference on 25 February 2016, Thursday, 02:30pm was postponed due to the declared special non-working for the 30th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution. The new schedule for Pre-Bidding Conference will be on 26 February 2016, Friday, 02:30pm.

Items not mentioned above remains the same.

This Supplemental/Bid Bulletin is being issued to modify/amend the specifications of the requirement needed, and not for purposes of delaying the proceedings of RA 9184.

Issued this 22nd day of February 2016.

                                                                         MARIA RITA O. MATUTE

                                                                       Chairman, Bids and Awards Committee