Hiring of Senior Designer/s for Lighting Installation

Re: October 2015 Manila FAME

To all Prospective bidders:

This Supplemental / Bid Bulletin is issued to clarify, modify or amend items in the Bid Documents. This shall form part of the Bid documents:

  1. I.Technical Proposal

Bidders will be rated according to the revised criteria:


Nature (relevance) and length of experience as exhibition designer, product designer, installation designer, merchandiser, and/or design consultant

  • 25 points   5 years or more
  • 15 points   2-4 years
  • 10 points   below 2 years
25 points

Experience in local and/or international exhibitions, galleries, and/or museums (as designer, curator, exhibitor, and/or visitor/buyer) that featured lighting and/or light-based products and technologies

  • 10 points   Number of local and/or international exhibitions/galleries/museums
    • 10 points   5 and above
    • 5 points     2-4
  • 10 points   Experience in working with Manila FAME exhibitors
20 points

Strong background on Philippine design and the profile of the Philippine export industry, specifically in the lighting sector, and knowledge in international market

  • 5 points     Knowledge and experience in working with Philippine design-driven

                   Industry/SMEs, especially those in the lighting sector, and previous

                                 and/or present engagements and related programs

  • 5 points     Knowledge of the dynamics of the international market
10 points

Reputation in the design and sourcing industry

  • 5 points     Past and current relationship/industry affiliations with key players/

               influential local and international personalities as well as exposure

                                through international publications

5 points
Project Plan

Approach/concept exhibits proper understanding of the project background and the primary objectives

  • Proposed theme and concept accurately represents the identity, relevance, objectives, and aspirations of the project
  • Storyboard and/or mood board effectively describes and interprets the mood and character of the concept
25 points

Technical drawings/renderings are consistent with the approach/concept

  • Technical renderings/sketches/drawings provides a detailed visual on the final output of the installation
15 points
TOTAL 100 points

Submission of documents required for the qualitative evaluation, including the CV/portfolio and project proposal is due on 09 September 2015, Wednesday at 12:00nn. Three (3) sets of each document should be provided.

It is issued in order to conduct a more efficient qualitative evaluation and to ensure that the project objectives will be delivered accordingly.

Items not mentioned above remains the same.

This Supplemental/Bid Bulletin is being issued to modify/amend the specifications of the requirement needed, and not for purposes of delaying the proceedings of RA 9184.

Issued this 04th day of September 2015.

                                                                          MARIA RITA O. MATUTE

                                                                       Chairman, Bids and Awards Committee