Fabrication of Polo-Shirt and T-Shirt for CITEM Employees and Media Tokens

Re: IFEX Philippines 2015

To all Prospective bidders:

This Supplemental / Bid Bulletin is issued to clarify, modify or amend items in the Bid Documents. This shall form part of the Bid documents:

From To

280 pcs. Polo Shirt

200 pcs. T-Shirt

(both color Beige)

240 pcs. Polo Shirt, color Light Violet

240 pcs. Polo Shirt, color Light Pink

Items not mentioned above remains the same.

This Supplemental/Bid Bulletin is being issued to modify/amend the specifications of the requirement needed, and not for purposes of delaying the proceedings of RA 9184.

Issued this 08th day of May 2015.

                                                     MARIA RITA O. MATUTE

                                                                      Chairman, Bids and Awards Committee