12 months Subscription for Internet Service Provider for Primary & Secondary Internet Line

To all Prospective bidders:

This Supplemental / Bid Bulletin is issued to clarify, modify or amend items in the Bid Documents. This shall form part of the Bid documents:

The procurement calls for a redundant 15 Mbps internet connectivity from two (2) Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the ISP for the primary internet line will be different from the ISP for the secondary internet line.

The ISP for the primary line should provide the 15 Mbps CIR unlimited internet access using radio connection. On the other hand, the ISP for the secondary line should provide the 15 Mbps CIR unlimited access using fiber optic connection.

In the event that an ISP opted to bid for both the primary and the secondary line and is seen to have offered the lowest calculated bid for both contracts, the company is given the prerogative to choose its preferred award.

After a choice has been made, the company that is seen to have offered the 2nd lowest calculated bid for the contract that has not been chosen, will have to match the contract price of the 1st lowest calculated bidder. However, if the 2nd lowest calculated bidder is not able to match the contract price offered by the 1st lowest calculated bidder, a failure of bidding will be declared.

Items in the bid bulletin documents

not mentioned above remains the same.

This Supplemental/Bid Bulletin is being issued to modify/amend the specifications of the requirement needed, and not for purposes of delaying the proceedings of RA 9184.

Issued this 09th day of March 2015.

                                                                         MARIA RITA O. MATUTE

                                                                      Chairman, Bids and Awards Committee