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The Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) invites all interested parties to submit quotation for:




1 lot                I. MOBILIZATION / DEMOBILIZATION  

                        II. FLOORING-SUPPLY/INSTALLATION/DISMANTLING (rental)  

95 sqm          a. Needle punch carpet (black)  

                        III. WALL PANEL (rental)  

2 sets             a. 2.25m x .30m x 2.80(h) wooden panel in 3/4" thk ord. plywood                       

                            single face, 1/4" other face on approved paint finish          

1 set               b. 35.5m x .20m x 2.80m(h) wooden panel in 3/4" ord. plywood   

                        thk single face, 1/4" other face on approved paint finish   

                        IV. METAL GRID WORKS (rental)          

2 sets             a. 12 sqm Ceiling grid in 2" x 2" Tubular Steel painted black       

                        V. ELECTRICAL WORKS AND LIGHTING (rental)    

8 sets             a. wall mounted duplex convenience outlets

24 sets           LED MR16 surface mounted spotlights          

1 lot                Wiring and installation     


Scope of works and Timetable:

 1. The contractor shall Supply, Install, Dismantle and Haul the items listed    

      above on the specified materials and specifications.   

2. The contractor shall provide proofs and swatches prior to final fabrication    

     for approval unless waived by an EDD representative but to guarantee the

     best output.       

3. The contractor shall ensure the durability and quality of the items.   

4. The contractor shall install the items properly and in good condition          

    (without smudge, dirt, and stains and the like) on 13 October  2014 at 8am

     and egress on 19 October 2014       

5. The contractor shall complete installation of the setting at exactly 10 am on  

    14 October 2014            

6. All above item/s is/are the property of CITEM after the event unless indicated

    as rental or otherwise.

7. Delay of delivery or installation will call for deduction of 10% of contract



Approved Budget: Php 281,792.00

Quotations maybe submitted to BAC Secretariat, Administrative Services Division, CITEM, Golden Shell Pavilion, Roxas Blvd. cor. Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay City. Pre-bid conference will be on September 18, 2014, Thursday at 2:30pm upon payment of non-refundable Bidding Documents Fee of Two Hundred Pesos (Php 200.00). Deadline for submission of quotation will be on September 22, 2014, Monday at 3:00pm at the same address.

Kindly submit your bid with a valid TAX Clearance issued by the Collection Enforcement Division of  Bureau of Internal Revenue (Quezon City main office) and Current Mayor’s/Business Permit.

For inquiries, you may contact the CITEM Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat, at telephone nos. 8311368/8312201 or fax no. 834-0177/832-3965.

CITEM-BAC  reserves the right to reject any or all bids, waive any formality or accept such bids as may be considered advantageous to the government.  Further, CITEM-BAC assumes no obligation whatsoever to compensate or indemnify the bidders for expenses or losses that may be incurred in participating in this bidding.


   Chairperson, CITEM-BAC